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With 04 main benefits: Safety – Comfort - Efficiency – Power-Savings.

Advantages of Mitsubishi home elevators:


  • Emergency rescue in case of power supply failure by Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD) and emergency light. Upon electric power supply failure, a car automatically moves to the nearest lower floor or bottom floor (Option), and doors open using a rechargeable battery to facilitate the safe evacuation of passengers. And upon electric power supply failure, an emergency car light automatically turns on immediately providing minimum level of lighting within a car by the rechargeable battery and keeps passengers calm.
  • Protect door at floors by Door Safety Shoe operation and feature. If passengers or objects come into contact with the safety shoe on the door edge when the door is closing, the door automatically re-opens to ensure safe operation.


  • Easy to control, operate elevator by clear, easy to understand panel. Car Operating Panel is located lower position on the side wall to easily be operated by passengers. All words and numbers are clearly displayed so that passengers with limited eyes level can easily read. Door open button, emergency bell button and destination floor buttons are simple push type.


  • Simply perform call hall functions by Hall call buttons designed specifically for home elevators (M-HBE-040GJ). Large size button of 44mm× 44mm, Display lamps of Operation Hall Call Register and ECO Mode are provided. And Operation lamp or ECO Mode lamp are visible on Hall call panel.


  • 2100mm Car ceiling height and 2000mm Entrance height can be applied to feel comfortable atmosphere.


Maximize living area usage by minimum requirements of PIT depth, only 450mm.


  • Reduce power consumption and extend light lifetime by using environment friendly LED lighting.
  • Energy-savings by automatically turns off light in the cabin when not used after a certain time.




Nowadays, elevator is no longer so strange and luxury to consumers lifestyle. Society has developed, opened for integration which brought more opportunities for urban to become more and more familiar with this useful product. In offices, entertainment places, commercial and public buildings, Vietnamese gradually narrow the gap with modern technology, adapt to friendly elevator until it becomes essential and we are dependent on this means of transportation.

On the personal side, elevator nowadays is no longer seen as a luxury and just for large investment projects as the notion of many years ago. The investment for elevators in private house projects with 3-4 floors or 5-10 floors are also considered more often. Elevator became more popular in private house because of income growth and above all, the desire to improve quality of life for all family members.

Home elevators are born to not only increase the moving between floors, help utilize the space as much as possible and save energy, but also increase the chances of interaction between family members. The quality of life increases where the common and private living space are properly used, create love and warmth shared by members. With home elevators, it connects the joy of generations, create the opportunity for interesting interactions.

From old people who have difficulty in walking due to illness, osteoarthritis pain and seem to stay alone in their own room, now it has become far easier to meet and talk with children. From heavy pregnant women who still have the responsibility of a motherhood, a wife, a bride in every walk. From a healthy person who become bedridden or stay in wheelchair after a long day treatment. From babies on hand or deep in sleep after long trips... Home elevator is no longer luxury compared to invaluable utilities for beloved.

Also, with the narrow living space in the city, tubular villas, home elevators also make house campus more luxurious, modern, not only safe but also space-saving than traditional stairs.


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